Eradicate Fuel Biocide

Eradicate Biocide

Efficient prevention and treatment of ‘diesel bug’

Cleaner fuel – better performance

Cyrus Eradicate rapidly destroys microbial growth in fuel oil, fuel storage tanks, bilges and fuel distribution systems – eliminating potential engine damage caused by contaminated fuel supply.

Diesel bug is created at the interface of water and diesel fuel and is often exacerbated by the presence of biofuel, warm conditions and condensation build up resulting in water contamination. Eradicate may be applied as an effective treatment to combat microbial contamination, or as a preventative measure to protect your fuel systems from any potential problems.

The Symptoms

  • Fuel flow blockage caused by slime wrapped around fuel filter
  • Increased regularity of fuel filter change
  • Odour from fuel
  • Poor engine performance

The Solution

  • Cyrus Eradicate Biocide rapidly destroys microbial growth in fuel and storage tanks within 48 hours – click here to view the Eradicate Product Analysis Report
  • One part Eradicate to 2000 parts fuel is sufficient to remove contamination
  • Severe cases may require further treatment
  • Regular follow-up doses of Cyrus Fleet or Cyrus Marine Fuel Treatment are recommended to disperse water and prevent further recurrences
  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litres, 25 litres and 205 litres



Further Information

Eradicate Effectiveness against Diesel Bacterial Contaminant

Eradicate Effectiveness against Diesel Bacterial Contaminant

Download the full ‘Cyrus Eradicate Product Analysis Report‘ report : PDF | DOC

“Cyrus Eradicate is a successful product and the business relationship we have established with Cyrus Energy has already brought real benefits to the mining sector.”

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Diesel Bug Contamination

Diesel Bug’ Fuel Contamination

Four Stages of De-contamination of Fuel using Cyrus Eradicate

Diesel Fuel Cap with Contamination

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Bacterial Contamination on Pipes