At Cyrus Energy we are focused on delivering innovative products and solutions for maximising performance and efficiency of fuel oil, thus reducing the global environmental impact caused by hydrocarbon fuels.

    Cyrus Energy’s ongoing research and development allows us to engage with the Biofuel Research Centre as part of the Scottish Biofuel Programme. This work allows us to validate the effectiveness of our products and technology applied during the treatment of fuel contamination.

    Cyrus Energy products have been scientifically developed to help eradicate microbial manifestation and prevent waste contamination as well as cleaning injectors, nozzles & fuel delivery systems ensuring better engine maintainance, increased performance, reduced fuel consumption and less emmisions.

    Cyrus Energy produce a wide range of technically advanced products covering every industry that utilise fuel oil as their energy source. Whether your industry is marine, agriculture, defence, construction, transportation or power generation we have a solution for you.