Case Study – Agricultural Contractors

Client: H Smith and Sons

Alan Smith of H Smith and Sons, agricultural contractors from Castle Douglas, has completed fuel efficiency trials using Cyrus Agricon on crop harvesting with particular attention paid to fuel consumption per acre.

Fuel consumption was monitored daily against the acreage harvested and over the trial period, he achieved an average fuel saving of around 0.33 litres per acre or 7%. The emissions from the vehicle were quite noticeably reduced with almost total elimination of black smoke from the exhaust. Machinery was operated in sometimes very wet and heavy conditions and the extra load created by the dampness did not result in extra fuel consumption as would normally be the case.

Alan said: “I was extremely impressed at the performance of Cyrus Agricon. With fuel costs always a concern in the agriculture sector as saving of any description is always welcome, but with a saving of around 7% the trial results were fantastic. I will certainly be using Agricon from now on. The fact that I can reduce my fuel costs and also improve the performance of the machinery is a huge benefit to our business. I was also highly impressed that, in this day of environmental awareness, I saw a very noticeable reduction in the exhaust smoke. The smoke even when chopping in wet conditions was almost clear and at worst white.”

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