Cyrus Marine

Effective fuel treatment for the marine industry

Reduces fuel consumption, improves engine performance

Cyrus Marine provides an effective fuel treatment to meet the unique and highly demanding conditions found in the marine sector. With fuel now the biggest single operating cost within the marine industry, Cyrus Marine provides a cost effective solution that enhances engine performance, reduces fuel consumption, and protects the engine from damage.

  • Reduces component wear and protects injectors and fuel systems from damage caused by water carried in the fuel
  • Disperses water from fuel and fuel tanks providing protection from microbial growth (diesel bug) particularly where fuel is left in long term storage
  • Eliminates smoking and reduces fuel consumption typically by 5%
  • Recommended for application to all marine fuel types and vessels (e.g. trawler fleets, ferries, leisure craft, workboats)
  • Recommended for application to land based machinery (e.g. land tugs, generators, cranes)
  • Mixes easily with fuel and does not contain any abrasive or aggressive chemicals that may damage components
  • Suitable for application to petrol/bio-ethanol and diesel/biofuel combinations
  • A treat rate of one part Cyrus Marine to 2000 parts fuel provides minimal treatment cost
  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litres, 25 litres and 205 litres.



Further Information

“Over two years ago we never had the fleet free of blocked filters and contaminated fuel. As soon as one vessel was cured the problem would erupt on another. There is absolutely no question that Cyrus has worked for us. Since dosing all our vessels regularly with Cyrus Marine, we have been operating a much cleaner fleet and ‘diesel bug’ is no longer an issue with us.”

Operator of a fleet of tugs and barges