‘Diesel bug’ and fuel enhancement treatments now available to Firth of Clyde fishermen

An innovative range of treatments that improves engine efficiency and eliminates and prevents ‘diesel bug’ contamination in fuel tanks is now available to Firth of Clyde fishermen.

Cyrus Eradicate, Cyrus Marine and other products in the Cyrus range are now available from South West Chandlers outlets in Girvan and Tarbert, providing a practical solution for any fuel issues that fishermen may be experiencing.

Cyrus Eradicate is already successfully used by a large number of commercial marine operators to eliminate microbiological contamination found in fuel oil, fuel storage tanks, bilges and fuel distribution systems. It works by killing bacteria and it may also be applied to fuel on a preventive basis so pre-empting any potential future problems.

Independent scientific testing of this diesel biocide developed by Cyrus Energy has confirmed its effectiveness in ensuring a ‘total kill’ of contaminant micro-organisms that may be present in fuel tanks.

The effectiveness of the Cyrus Eradicate treatment was confirmed by one skipper working on a vessel in the Irish Sea when he noticed a serious fuel contamination problem. He said: “I used Cyrus Eradicate at the recommended dose to treat the entire fuel system.

“The treated fuel was circulated through our purifier and the strainer checked and cleaned regularly. After 48 hours the strainer was clear and we had no problems with fuel contamination. We went from a severe problem, with suggestions of hand cleaning the tanks, to being fully operational in a short time.”

Cyrus Marine is an effective fuel treatment developed to meet the unique and highly demanding conditions found in the marine sector. With fuel now the biggest single operating cost within the marine industry, Cyrus Marine provides a cost effective solution that enhances engine performance, reduces fuel consumption, and protects the engine from damage.

John Davis, managing director of Cyrus Energy says: “Microbial fuel contamination is a problem that is gathering momentum, and we encourage regular checking and good tank management as sensible precautions to adopt. These bugs need water to thrive and it is all too easy for water to enter a fuel tank or be introduced as a result of condensation. This is why it is essential to take preventative measures.”

Cyrus Eradicate, Cyrus Marine and Cyrus Heating Oil Treatment are distributed in the Firth of Clyde area by South West Chandlers in Girvan tel: 01465 710802, mobile: 07828 110 699, email swchandlers@gmail.com, and by South West Chandlers in Tarbert, tel: 01880 821 278, mobile: 07570 475 383
More information on the Cyrus range of products at www.cyrus-energy.co.uk or contact john@cyrus-energy.co.uk.

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